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provides best quality tiles
600 x 600

Perfect balance of style and practicality for any space.

600 x 1200

Long and sleek, perfect for modern and spacious designs.

800 x 1600

Bold dimensions for grand statements in contemporary spaces.

300 x 600

Slim and stylish, ideal for elongating spaces with ease.

400 x 400

Classic charm meets versatility in these timeless square tiles.

300 x 450

Compact yet impactful, adding flair to smaller spaces effortlessly.

About Us
Welcome to Palanca Corporation

With over a decade of industry experience, we stand at the forefront of ceramic products manufacturing, driven by a commitment to delivering exceptional surface solutions. The upward trajectory of Palanca Corporation is a testament to our proactive approach to innovation.

At Palanca, we understand the value of listening, and fostering curiosity, and empathy to drive innovation. Our people are the cornerstone of our success, and we aim to harness their talent and creativity to achieve our global ambitions and empower India’s burgeoning potential.
Thriving as an innovative industry leader, Palanca Corporation continually redefines standards and sets benchmarks in quality and customer service.

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