Welcome to Palanca Corporation
Your Leading Tiles Manufacturer and Exporter from India

Established in 2010, Palanca Corporation is a reputable exporter for its sister firm manufacturing companies based in Gujarat, India. Equipped with cutting- edge technology, efficient processes, a skilled workforce, and advanced machinery, our manufacturing and processing units strive to produce high- quality products at competitive prices while promoting environmental sustainability.

With our skilled craftsmen and advanced technology, we ensure that each tile meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

Production Capacity: Our production capacity per day for various sizes enables us to maintain a steady supply of tiles without compromising on quality, ensuring timely delivery to our customers.
600×600: 10,500 boxes
600×1200: 15,000 boxes
800×1600: 6,500 boxes

what we offer
Premium Tiles Collection
600 X 600

Size: 60×60 cm
Thickness: 8.5mm
Surfaces: Glossy, Matt, Carving

600 X 1200

Size: 60×120 cm
Thickness: 9mm
Surfaces: Glossy, Matt, Carving, Sugar, High Glass

1200 X 1800

Size: 120×180 cm
Thickness: 9mm
Surfaces: Glossy, Matt, Carving

300 X 600

Size: 30×60 cm
Thickness: 9mm
Surfaces: Punch, Glossy, Matt

400 X 400

Size: 40×40 cm
Thickness: 8mm
Surfaces: Rustic, Glossy, Matt

300 X 450

Size: 30×45 cm
Thickness: 6-8mm
Surfaces: Glossy, Matt, Punch